Comfort After Wash Lily Fabric Conditioner (Blue) 860ml

Comfort After Wash Lily Fabric Conditioner (Blue) 860ml

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Product Description

Key Features
  • Gives Unbelievable Shine to Clothes
  • With Fragrance Pearls for Long Lasting Freshness
  • Makes Clothes soft  smooth & great to wear

How To Use

Hand Wash
1. After detergent wash, add half a cap of Comfort in a bucket of water (5L)
2. Soak up to 10 washed clothes in a bucket containing Comfort for 5 minutes
3. Remove clothes & dry 
(Do not rinse clothes in water after using comfort)
Machine Wash
Front Load 
Pour 1 cap of Comfort to the softener compartment  at the same time as you add detergent.
Top Load & Semi-Automatic
Pour 1 cap of Comfort directly in the washing tub in the last rinse cycle.
This special fabric conditioner leaves clothes feeling soft, smooth and great to wear while also providing a feeling of freshness and caring for your clothes.