Rishi oil- 80ml

Rishi oil- 80ml

Apexaura (Pvt) Ltd
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Rishi oil contains high energy and in addition to that Vitamin E,K and Iron. It's cholesterol free.

Experience the power of nature with Apexaura Rishi Oil, carefully crafted with a unique blend of natural herbal extracts from virgin coconut oil, Ganoderma powder extract and Nut Grass powder. This special blend produces an abundance of antioxidant properties, thanks to its rich medicinal benefits.


  •  Relieve scalp irritation
  • ▪ Eliminate dry scalp
  • ▪ Prevent hair breakage
  • ▪ Prevent hair loss
  • ▪ Protect from harmful sun rays
  • ▪ Heal cracked heels and dry hands
  • ▪ Be used as a body lotion and moisturizer
  • ▪ Be used as a massage oil
  • ▪ Be used as a makeup remover
  • ▪ Be used as an aftershave
  • ▪ Help remove stretch marks