Ayush Whitening Toothpaste 120g

Ayush Whitening Toothpaste 120g

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Product Description

Key Features

Whitening Toothpaste with Rock Salt

Removes Stains for whiter teeth

Rock Salt is the healthiest form of Salt in Ayurveda

Arimedas Tailam makes teeth stronger and prevent tooth decay

Arimedas Tailam is an Ayurvedic oil that is most recommended for oral health

Rock Salt is known since centuries as a powerful solution for whitening of teeth

How To Use

Brush twice daily for best results

With the natural goodness of Rock Salt and Arimedas Tailam, the Ayush whitening toothpaste is known for being able to prevent tooth decay, help make teeth strong and for its whitening properties. 

                                                                           Source:  https://www.ustore.lk